Please note: all photos are delivered via an online gallery which you will download directly to your own computer (gallery will be available for download for up to 3 months from the session date). Your photos will also be stored with me for 6 months from the session date for ordering of prints. For sessions in which you must choose from a number of included prints, please note that this selection is done online from your own home! No pressure, no hassle!

HEADSHOTS: $250.00+hst. Includes a 30 minute headshot/portrait session, with a studio backdrop or a more natural (non-distracting) background.  Also includes 5 of the best digital files, professionally retouched and resized for printing and LinkedIn.

HEADSHOTS + PORTRAIT SESSION: $350.00+hst. For a full one hour headshot/portrait session with opportunities for several changes of clothing and several different backdrops, the fee is $350 and will include your favourite 10 of the best digital files, professionally retouched and resized for print, web and LinkedIn. *If you wish to have a portrait session with a friend, the cost will be $200.00 each.  (This is the package to choose if you wish to do a modelling or actor portfolio, due to the number of shots required plus clothing changes.)

BUSINESS PROFILE PHOTOGRAPHY: $600.00. Includes a one hour photo shoot of your office/business.  Photography may include specific rooms, services, activities, signage, employees at work, etc..  A perfect opportunity to update your website with authentic shots that represent your business. Includes 20+ shots.

FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY:  $300: Includes a 30 minute session, on location within Halton Region. Includes your top 10 digital files. Also available: $450.00: Includes a one hour photo shoot at your home or on-location, and 20 “best of” digital files with DIY printing rights.  Family photography sessions include individual portraits, small group portraits and full family photographs. Grandparents and dogs welcome!  

DANCE/GYMNASTICS PHOTOGRAPHY: $350.00. Includes a one hour dance/gymnastics session on location (i.e. a local park, downtown area, or studio). Includes your favourite ten digital files.

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  3. Hi Antonia, Could you please contact me so that we can discuss pricing for Arianne’s Bat mitzvah.
    Thank you,


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  9. Hi,
    I would like to know how’s much and details for prom photography?
    my prom on May 21, 2015 in Oakville.

    let me know as soon!

    thank you,
    Lucia 🙂


  10. Hello Antonia,
    It has been a busy x-mas and I did not have time to arrange anything. But I would like to book a family session with you. Mom & Dad & Pam are going to be in Ontario week of July 20-26 to celebrate Mom turning 65. I was wondering if you would be able to accommodate a visit to Whitby on Friday afternoon or Saturday (July 24/25)? Let me know if this is something that you would be able to do?
    Just send me an email and we can arrange if it is suitable.
    Thanks a million


  11. Hi I would like to book an appointment for my 11 years old daughter for a head shot.
    I have couple of inquires:
    Can my daughter change her top to another colour?
    Approximately how many shots will I have to choose from?
    How much does it cost me to print out the pics? I need
    8 *10 coloured photo with the name printed below . I will need around about 40 copies . Kindly provide me with a quotation.

    Appreciating your cooperation and feedback


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