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Let me start off this post by saying that Shannon Soro of Shannon Soro Interior Design (formerly Moving Designs) is an interior designer extraordinaire!  I got to spend the entire day with her a few weeks ago, going from one home to another and getting to photograph her incredible designs.  What impressed me the most was how unique each home was…custom designed with each of her clients in mind.  Nothing was duplicated.  Everything was perfect and absolutely refreshing, with the most meticulous attention to detail I have ever seen.  It was the type of work that you would see in upscale interior design magazines, and at the same time they were places that you would absolutely want to call home.  To enquire about Shannon’s services, please contact her directly at

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So…you’ve had your photos taken, received your digital copies.  Now what?  Well, as beautiful as the photos can be as screen savers or shared with your friends and family on social media, there is no better place for your photos than on the walls of your home where they become pieces of art and can be appreciated every day!
In this post I wanted to feature some photos that my clients had chosen to enlarge for their beautiful home.  And by enlargements, I mean large!!  (8×10 photos are fine if you wish to put them in a frame and place them on a desk or on a bookshelf, but are really much too small to hang on a wall…unless it is for a very small wall of a bathroom or near your front door, or if you were going to do a wall gallery on a larger wall.)
For the first photo (a fun family picture) they decided to do as a 30×40 acrylic print.  If you have never seen an acrylic print, they are simply beautiful!  Acrylic prints have amazing colour vibrancy and make a real statement in your home!   Easy to hang…no fuss!



The next family photo was printed as a “standout” in a 30×40.  (Standouts are beautiful and very durable!)  It was a smaller wall, at one end of their dining room.  The great thing about this size is that it made a statement and completed the wall, without having to add anything else to fill the wall space.  The colours of the photograph were also complimentary to their décor and their neutral walls, so it really tied everything together.


The final enlargement was also printed as a “standout”.  It was a black and white image of a moment between the father and son…(one of those “in between” shots that they didn’t know was being taken!).  It was printed as a 24×36, which was perfect for the space in between their window and hutch in their dining room.


IMG_2097Finally, one question that I often get is why pay for professional printing services when you can go to WalMart or Blacks to print your photos?  The difference is in the quality.  The labs that photographers use to print your photos are of the highest quality, and basically ensure that the printers print exactly what the photographer intended in their editing.  At the beginning of my photography career, I often tested out printing services at various different photo labs that were local (due to the convenience), and it was so frustrating to view all the hard work that I spent on my editing just go out the window!  (The variation in colours that I was getting was huge, and skin tones were often really off!)  I started sending my photographs away to be printed at professional labs, and what a difference!  Finally, all my hard work in editing could be replicated in print!  The other reason for going with professional printing services is that when doing enlargements, photographers will go back to the original RAW images, and recrop them to the specific dimensions for the print, and will submit photos that are up to 25 MB+  in size (rather than the small files that clients receive on CD/DVD.)